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  • Individual sound masking for at-home or personal office spaces
  • Out-of-the-box, plug-and-play. Simply connect to your BlueTooth device. Sound Masking is already set-up
  • Play Sound Masking or BlueTooth Independently

Concentration+ Delivers Individual Sound Masking Plus BlueTooth Capabilities

Concentration+ generates sound masking and connects to Bluetooth devices for audio. High quality audio with Lencore’s “Dome” dispersion – 360 degrees plus upward sound to fill the room with sound masking or music.

Place it in the center of a room, in a corner, or on the floor and the sound will radiate around the room. High quality sound from advanced technology. A powerful transducer, digital signal processing, and a specialized acoustical deflector produce loud and crisp sound along with Lencore’s legendary sound masking technology – the most comfortable sound masking in the industry.