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Silver Sound Masking for Small Facilities


Model AG47

NEW and IMPROVED! More control, flexibility, and expansion opportunities out-of-the-box. 

Lencore’s Silver AG47 model is ideally suited for small to medium-sized businesses with open office layouts, shared workspaces, or areas where speech privacy and noise control are crucial. It offers control flexibility, competitive pricing, and easy installation out-of-the-box. Its scalability ensures that businesses are future-proofed against evolving acoustic challenges.

  • Four independent channels for tailored volume and contour adjustment per channel
  • Green Sound™ with a pre-configured curve and contour for optimal sound quality
  • Handheld remote for convenient adjustments
  • Expansive coverage of up to 6000 square feet. per unit
  • Option to add music and paging



Model G623525

This single, 2 RU rack mounted solution for small facilities replaces the bulky headend equipment previously associated with sound masking systems and incorporates four (4) channels that can be controlled with a remote control or wall plate (added cost). This system is out-of-the-box ready to be installed, powered up and connected to a variety of speaker types using standard category cable.

  • Multiple, random sound masking sources that produce a high quality, exceptionally comfortable sound to create speech privacy
  • A single device for operation and maintenance
  • 4 independent channels (for a total of 32 speakers)
  • Remote control for volume and contour adjustments
  • Optional wall plate controller available
  • Works with any Lencore networked speaker
  • Expandable to the i.Net Enterprise solution