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i.Net®  Networked Sound Masking

The i.Net Engineered System Solution uniquely addresses the proper requirements for sound masking, paging, and audio for today’s facilities. Each system successfully masks intrusive speech, creates privacy and delivers intelligible paging and audio solutions to ensure intended audiences are well informed and comfortable in their environments. 

i.Net now offers a solution that meets the UL 2572 standard to interface with the Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP), in order to shutdown or mute the sound masking, in the event of a fire emergency. Moreover, i.Net is capable of reinforcing the fire alarm annunciation for a more intelligible message. Muting or shutting down the sound masking is a requirement of NFPA 72 (2010 code and beyond) and the ADA. A product must meet the UL 2572 standard to interface with a FACP.

The system offers virtually limitless zoning capabilities, plug and play speaker options as well as a revolutionary intuitive Graphic User Interface (GUI) for central system controls. The i.Net System is also capable of local, remote and Infrared (IR) controls. Floor-to-floor, building-to-building, across the campus or around the world, i.Net provides innovative and flexible solutions to enhance the workplace environment. Whether you are an established industry leader or an innovative organization poised for growth, we believe it is our responsibility to help you create a comfortable, productive and safe work environment. 

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Referenced Standards

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i.Net Headend is an all-inclusive, UL 2572 listed, system for networked sound masking applications.

 Lencore also offers networked sound masking without the UL listing for other applications. A series of wall mounted enclosures are available.

Furthermore, when building a system various components might be necessary. All components are engineered as part of the system by Lencore's design staff. Following is a brief explanation and a link to individual components that may be used within the i.Net system:

Basics of Sound Masking

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