n.FORM™ Speakers

n.FORM Speakers

n.FORM speakers are designed to be an integrated part of Lencore n.FORM engineered system solutions. Each speaker, when used withThe Operating Platform, produces nearly twice the sound level of other systems. Sound performance is a critical component in achieving voice intelligibility as measured by the Sound Transmission Index for Public Address (STIPA) in Mass Notification and Emergency Communication (MNEC) systems.

Furthermore, these speakers enable sound masking to be distributed uniformly throughout a space. Typically hung above the ceiling tile or gypsum ceiling, the speakers fill the plenum with sound that gently filters into the environment below to create speech privacy. 

The n.FORM Speaker can read down to the individual speaker level and is designed to meet voice intelligibility requirements to provide the clearest audio.

Traditional speakers used in the n.FORM system are configured with integrated RJ45 connections for plug and play and ease of installation. The speakers feature an aluminum housing, 5-inch wide dispersion and weigh approximately three pounds each.

There are various speaker types available for various plenum depths and site conditions. Speakers distribute sound masking, paging and/or music.

Speakers are UL Listed for use in air handling spaces.


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