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In-Office Solutions

Let’s outline one example of a modern workplace and how we go about designing a private, productive environment that fosters productivity. 

illustration of modern office with sound challenges

In this workplace, there are several acoustical challenges, each with an ideal solution.  In shared work areas, cubicles are located adjacent to one another, allowing phone conversations and video calls to be overheard by others.  This causes a speech privacy concern for the person having the meeting who does not want to be overheard, and a distraction for those in the area who are trying to concentrate on other work in their space without being disrupted by noise distractions.  By introducing Lencore’s state of the art sound masking technology into areas with shared workspaces, you can make intentional conversations in close proximity clear and comfortable while making background conversations less distracting.  

Learn how noise canceling and sound masking technology works.

In conference and meeting spaces, it’s important the information stays in the room.  This starts by ensuring those outside of the room can’t overhear conversations happening inside.  By including Lencore’s sound masking solutions around the perimeter of meeting spaces, you can ensure that audio privacy is achieved.  Additionally, Lencore’s technology allows for the integration of in-room audio to ensure video meetings and conference calls have the full attention of the intended audience.  

In private offices doors and walls aren’t always enough to ensure meetings stay private, and even when they are, productive workplaces thrive in an open door environment.  Achieving a balance of privacy and open door productivity means you must be able to have private conversations comfortably, while limiting noise distractions outside of the office door.  By including Lencore Sound Masking both inside and outside private offices, this fine-tuning can be achieved.  Lencore’s systems are volume and contour adjustable to customizable zoned areas.

In break rooms and reception areas, employees and customers should enjoy a comfortable audio environment while keeping in-office conversations private among the intended audience.  By including Lencore’s sound masking products with the addition of background audio, we can soundscape a custom environment perfect for the vibe that fits your brand.  Whether it’s easy listening music in the lobby, upbeat music in the breakroom, ocean waves in the boss’s office, or Lencore’s scientifically formulated Green Sound™ to encourage focus and productivity, we have an audio solution customized to be perfect for your workplace.

Need to let a salesperson in the office know a customer is waiting for them in the lobby?  Lencore’s systems also offer paging to complement background audio and sound masking.  

Lencore’s systems are highly flexible and adaptable.  Because our systems are networked, we can also provide these complete noise management solutions to multiple floors and multiple buildings throughout an enterprise campus.  

We also have hybrid and remote solutions crafted to mirror in-office productivity at-home, or anywhere else your work may take you and your teams.

Do you have a specific problem or are you seeking a custom solution to your noise management and workplace communications challenges? 

Lencore’s systems are incredibly flexible, yet simple to use.  Our team of technology, acoustical, and facility integration experts are here to help.  

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“With an acoustically harsh environment with all of the hard materials used, the use of Lencore’s sound masking solution helped us complete the space to allow collaborative activity to coexist with individual work in a comfortable and productive workplace.”
Joel Smith
Neumann/Smith Architecture

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