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The Impact of Remote Work on Productivity and Innovation

A recent study found the shift to remote work has hindered communication and collaboration amongst groups within the company, threatening individual productivity and innovation. The study also found that remote work has altered the way employees communicate, with a heavier reliance on instant messages and emails vs audio and video calls. 

Although this is the finding of only one study, it could be a warning sign for other companies who choose to keep their workers fully remote, especially with the COVID-19 Delta variant on the rise…..

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Increase Patient Satisfaction and Comfort

From Small to Large Healthcare Facilities where a quiet environment ensures better rest and recovery, and protecting the privacy of patient information is the law, Lencore Sound Masking helps create a balanced, comfortable environment that’s not too

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Dante Interface

Lencore Streamlines Inclusion of Dante in System Designs We’re pleased to announce that our i.Net solution is now compatible with Dante – the most widely used audio-over-IP solution in the world. With a simple adapter this integration

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