Products & Systems

Lencore is the industry leader in engineered system solutions for Sound Masking, Paging & Audio and Mass Notification and Emergency Communications (MNEC) applications.

Mass Notification

In certain situations and during emergency events, the dissemination of information is key to life safety. Messages must not only be seen and heard, they must be understood. Enter Lencore’s intelligible, intelligent, integrated solutions for life safety and emergency communications. Our systems address critical design elements for proper mass notification systems. Reach, Clarity, Redundancy and Reporting

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Sound Masking

Transforming environments into purposeful, productive environments is what we do every day.  By creating environments that support both heads down work and collaborative efforts, Lencore sound masking systems improves productivity, comfort, reduces employee turnover and can save thousands of dollars in construction costs.

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Paging & Audio

Every Lencore system can be designed to include quality paging, music and other audio capabilities enabling clients to get multiple system functionality from all of our engineered system solutions and providing an impressive return on investment

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