Lencore i.Net | System Solutions for Sound Masking, Paging and Audio

System Manager

Although most installations do not require extensive changes or re-tuning, some clients prefer the option of network controls that enable  them to make systematic and/or spot changes to the sound masking system. To enable the clients to do this, Lencore provides a private, web-based user interface with every networked Sound Masking System called the System Manager (formerly Sound Manager).

The System Manager is based on an open-architecture software platform that controls and monitors the finished system.  It can be accessed from any desktop or wireless computer with an internet browser.


The System Manager user-interface control can be used to: 

  • Tune the sound masking system for volume, contour & equalization 
  • Create groups for masking zones, paging zones and music zones 
  • Control volume and equalization for paging and music 
  • Run diagnostics 
  • Set and change group settings for each OP and each sound masking channel 
  • Reset system to factory-set commands 
  • Reset system to last saved settings 
  • Set timer functions to raise or lower sound masking levels at programmed time intervals 
System Manager Manuals

AMX and Crestron Module

The AMX and Crestron control program modules provide all the source and programming code along with representative touch panel layouts to interface the Lencore i.Net® and system with an AMX or Crestron control system.