Decorative Paging Speakers and Horns  

Intelligibility is the key criteria for a paging speaker and horn. paginghorn Lencore's paging speakers have been designed to produce the best quality page in the industry. Whether it is All Call, Zoned or Security Paging, or even Mass Notification and Emergency Communication (MNEC) paging, Lencore has a system and a speaker that is ideal for your facility's needs.Using IndePage® Technology, Tangent® delivers a superior sound quality and crystal clear page with a direct-fired speaker.

Tangent  Speaker

This 4" decorative speaker provides a high level of sound quality and adjustability. Tangent is a commercial grade speaker constructed from a higher quality material and providing a superior sound quality than competitive systems.

Installation is simplified using a Cat 5e cable with standard RJ45 connections. The Tangent speaker is equipped with torsion springs to ensure a smooth installation in ceiling tile or gypsum board.