Lencore Building Information Modeling (BIM) | System Solutions for Sound Masking

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Building Information Modeling (BIM) Objects are 3-Dimensional  objects packed with information and data that digitally represent the physical and functional characteristics of the products or systems used within a facility. Lencore is proud to offer the necessary models to build an i.Net® sound masking solution.

i.Net Building Information Modeling (BIM) Offering

An overview of Lencore's Building Information Modeling (BIM) offering for designing in Revit.


Loading and placing into the Project:

The supplied files can be loaded into a Revit project through all traditional methods. There are no supporting files included (i.e. type catalog, lookup table). The files contain geometry that represents the Lencore components necessary to build an i.Net networked sound masking solution. No host is required in the project for placement or insertion.

Operating Platform (OP) 

Direct Fired Speaker Enclosure
Tangent Speaker
Decorative Pendant Speaker
Decorative Swivel Mount Rectangular Speaker
SST Speaker

Music Page Interface (MPI) 
Data Terminator
Tile Bridge

When placing the model:

  • Be sure the “Data Devices” category is turned on in your project Visibility Graphics (VG)
  • There is no model geometry displayed in “Plan” view in all levels of detail, instead masking regions are used to improve project performance.

When placing the speaker models:

  • Place the model in “Plan” view and use the pull grip to adjust the length of chain to the structure above to which the speaker will be hung from. Then use the pull grip to set the speaker to the desired height above the level, in the plenum.
  • Do not use the built in offset parameter, as the model will not accurately configure the sound dispersion area.

The model is compliant to InfoComm BIM standards.

Project Behavior:

Instance and Type Parameters vary based on the component of the system. Please reference the individual parameter controls.


When the family file is loaded into the project, standard Lencore materials are imported. These may be modified by the user, though ensure that the material of choice matches an available product.


Lencore products may be scheduled utilizing the schedule view in the given project file “Schedule – Speaker-Enclosure-Standard-Lencore.rvt”. Select and copy (Ctrl-C) the schedule from the sheet view and paste it (Ctrl-V) into a sheet in your Revit project. The schedule filters are set to look for only those units designated with manufacturer as “Lencore Acoustics Corp.” and Equipment Abbreviation set as “SE” (Speaker Enclosure). The schedule contains special functionality for displaying the order numbers of the different selected types.