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Keep Personal and Financial Information Private

Achieve Privacy and Comfort with Affordable Sound Masking

Sound Masking in Legal FacilitiesLencore Acoustics Corp. has been providing oral privacy solutions to financial, corporate, government, and healthcare environments with their background sound masking systems since 1990. Our principals and engineers have over 40 years experience in innovative sound masking technologies and bring a time-tested approach to protecting speech privacy and confidentiality. Lencore professionals are intent on providing environments that not only secure personal financial, business and health information but are committed to providing spaces that are acoustically comfortable in which to work and conduct business.

In recent years, healthcare has taken a keen interest in sound masking as a way to meet a federal mandate called HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). Sound masking has played an integral part in providing appropriate safeguards to protect personal health information.

Likewise with GLBA (Gramm Leach Bliley Act), sound masking can provide the appropriate levels of speech privacy to ensure that financial information that is communicated orally can be safeguarded against inadvertent disclosure and subsequent misuse.

Lencore welcomes the opportunity to work with you to provide your facilities with proven methods for securing personal financial information that is communicated orally during your regular course of business.

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