Accredited Presentations  

Lencore has always been committed to educating the market. The following is a list and brief description of the education presentations Lencore offers:

    • Acoustical Impact & Green Office Design - This course will review the elements of green office design that impact the acoustics, how sound masking can be used effectively to balance the environment for increased comfort and speech privacy, and the existing and pilot credits for acoustics under LEED.  AIA and IDCEC Approved   

    • Be Specific About Speech Privacy - This program is a beginner to intermediate program on oral privacy and the Federal Mandate HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) that requires healthcare providers and facilities to limit the disclosure of personal health information in written, electronic, and oral forms. AIA and IDCEC Approved

    • Emerging Trends Creating Business Opportunity - Emerging trends in workplace design, as well as changes in the building code are creating business opportunity for structured cabling contractors and systems integrators. This presentation will review those changes in design and building code which are creating new revenue streams. It will highlight a successful transition of one company to expand their business model with new products in existing clients. Lastly, this presentation will provide a roadmap as a tool for expansion and growth. AIA Approved

    • Managing Acoustics in a Millennial Environment - This presentation discusses the impact this emerging generation has on current and future workplace design and what employers are doing to retain this talent pool. AIA and IDCEC Approved

    • How to Select, Identify and Specify the Right Sound Masking System - This program is a beginner to intermediate program on acoustics, speech privacy, sound masking, industry standards for acoustics, and the role and benefits of incorporating sound masking. AIA and IDCEC Approved

    • Sound Masking, Mass Notification and Its Impact on Safety - The Sound Masking industry has grown exponentially in recent years due to open-office design trends. However, with the recent adoptions of NFPA72 2010 – 2016 versions of Fire Alarm and Signaling as well as the development of UL 2572 standard for Mass Notification systems, Sound Masking has become a potential life safety concern. This presentation will discuss the basic premise of sound masking, the changes in NFPA and UL requirements and how to deliver the right solution. AIA, IDCEC, CTS and RCDD Approved

    • (Un)Intelligibility in Workplace Design - Designing a productive and safe work environment is a critical objective for every firm. This course will highlight what to be aware of when designing your next workplace and the cost impact of an unproductive employee. It will discuss noise factors in workplace design and key in on identifying a balance of speech intelligibility and unintelligibility. AIA and IDCEC Approved