Legislation & Code

When Every Second Counts

Facility Managers need to stay current with MNEC regulations and guarantee that their buildings are equipped to meet the new criteria for emergency notifications and life safety.

The Basics of Mass Notification Systems, NFPA, UL and Code Compliance

A mass notification system is a system that is required by NFPA 72 code to deliver an intelligible audio message to everyone for fire and non-fire emergencies. Having a proper system is more important today than ever...

Why Your Sound Masking is Competing with Life Safety

Sound Masking is designed to enhance both speech privacy and comfort, but not at the expense of workplace safety.

Safety Works Here

New Building Codes make voice evacuation sound like a better option.

Creating & Documenting Oral Privacy

This article will guide you in tackling the Oral Privacy Portion of the HIPAA Law with the help of Sound Masking.

Facility Care: Speaking with Jonathan Leonard

About the far reaching aspects of privacy legislation and how HIPAA regulations apply.

GLBA Synopsis

An explanation on GLBA.

HIPAA Synopsis

An Explanation on HIPAA.

System Design

Do You Know the difference between Paging & Mass Notification?

There is an audible distinction between paging systems and mass notification systems.

Fine Tuned Comfort; How to Design an Atmosphere for Productivity & Health

How to improve a space so it's conducive to a higher focus in a more comfortable work environment.


Why FSTC is considered to be a more important criterion than STC by Acoustic Professionals.

Understanding Acoustics in Architectural Design.

This article will better help you understand acoustics in architectural design.

USG Applications Guide.

Analyze critical performance issues, program requirements & products & systems that will solve design challenges.


Buildings are Getting Smarter

Lencore's solutions integrate with existing building systems to provide a private, more comfortable work environment.

Comfort in the Workplace

Comfort may not be a daily consideration in facility management but it certainly plays a role in the long-term success of any organization.

Is Your New Office Too Loud?

This article discusses today's changing workplace environment and why creating Unintelligibility is important for productivity.

It's Time to Take the Building Back!

Sound Masking: Tipping Point for AV.

Millennials Driving Workplace Change

Millennials represent over 33% of the workforce. , How are you preparing your workplace to attract, challenge and retain this quirky generation?

Office Insight: Listening to Lencore

Learn How Lencore Helps Furniture Dealers Grow Their Business

Open Quiet

While the open office plan is designed to encourage interaction & collaboration, noise from even casual conversations nearby can be distracting.

What Quiet Sounds Like

Advances in technology give facility managers new choices for sound masking.

When You Can't Close the Door

Creating privacy in open spaces.

Why Sound Masking?

Spaces that are treated with Lencore Sound Masking provide people with Comfort, Privacy and a better overall environment.


Creating & Documenting Oral Privacy

This article will guide you in tackling the Oral Privacy Portion of the HIPAA Law with the help of Sound Masking.

Healthcare AV: Quiet Please!

Sound Masking in Healthcare facilities.

HIPAA Synopsis

An Explanation on HIPAA.

The Invisible Environmental Factor that Greatly Influences Patient Comfort

HCAHPS scores give caregivers even more of a reason to place the patient experience at the center of treatment.