Preventative Maintenance Program

Providing a full range of maintenance and support services to ensure system readiness, maintain operation, and maximize system functionality

Lencore provides a full range of products that deliver the highest quality mass notification, sound masking, paging and audio. With a Lencore program for preventative maintenance and on call service, Lencore clients will continue to receive superior support and customer service from our team of professionals.

Whether it is because of personnel changes, construction modifications or other moves or additions to your facility, it is important to ensure that your business environment continues to meet your privacy, comfort and safety needs.  Having invested in a Lencore Engineered System Solution* you will want to properly maintain and maximize the performance of the system you have had installed.

Maximize your system’s performance with the addition of a Lencore Preventative Maintenance & On Call Service Program. Available in three support levels (Platinum, Gold, Silver), this program provides clients with regularly scheduled inspections of your systems and equipment to keep them operating at peak efficiency. It also provides you with an automatic way to update your systems to meet the evolving needs of your organization.  Lencore Preventative Maintenance & On Call Service clients are entitled to priority support. The program enables you to:

Ensure system readiness and optimal performance in accordance with the design intent for:

  • Acoustical Comfort
  • Speech Privacy
  • Audibility and Intelligibility
  • Reach and Clarity
  • Maintain system reliability and functionality
  • Access our technicians for on-call service and support
  • Receive training and knowledge on product use
  • Have peace of mind knowing that Lencore cares about your facility’s performance

For more information contact Lencore or download the Preventative Maintenance and On-Call Service brochure.